Twhs robotics

(FRC TEam 9418: pastabots) 

 Where future engineers, designers and innovators come to learn and thrive.

STEM Education

Robotics is currently the only place where TWHS students can get hands-on and real-world STEM experience. Robotics applies principles from physics, math, engineering & design, computer science and business classes. Through robotics, students develop the skills and gain the knowledge necessary to be successful in college and future careers.


The FRC robotics program at TWHS is split into multiple specialized sub-teams. Each sub-team has their own unique responsibilities, skills and expertise. Through robotics, students learn how to work cooperatively towards one common goal, while also gaining knowledge and developing new skills. Every member of the team has something to contribute and is important to our success!


TWHS robotics is a student-run organization, with facilitation and support from teacher-mentors. Here students can learn how to effectively and successfully lead a team. Students are given many opportunities to develop and grow into leadership positions throughout their time as a member of the TWHS Robotics program.